Specification of PEM Electrolyzer

PEM Hydrogen Generator Detail
PEM Hydrogen Generator Detail

PEM Catalyst 

  • Titanium alloy and iridium oxide

Membrane : DuPontN117


It used to be a circle. Now it’s a square


10 cm*10 cm*3 cm(1 plate)

10 cm*10 cm*3.5 cm(2 plate)

10 cm*10 cm*4 cm(3 plate)


0.9 (1 plate)

1.0 (2 plate)

1.5 (3 plate)

How does PEM electrolyzer work?

In simple terms, there is a membrane (PEM) through which the water passes and an electric current separates the hydrogen and oxygen from the water

pem electrolyzer
pem electrolyzer

See the wiki for details on how it works

If you want to know the difference between PEM and Alkaline .You can check out this article PEM VS Alkaline

Unlike alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production, PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production uses a perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane with good chemical stability, proton conductivity and gas separation as a solid electrolyte instead of the asbestos membrane, which can effectively prevent electron transfer and improve Electrolyzer safety.

The main components of the PEM water electrolyzer are proton exchange membrane, cathode and anode catalyst layers, cathode and anode gas diffusion layers, cathode and anode end plates, etc., from inside to outside. Among them, the diffusion layer, catalytic layer and proton exchange membrane constitute the membrane electrode, which is the main place for material transport and electrochemical reaction in the entire water electrolyzer. Therefore, the characteristics and structure of the membrane electrode directly affect the performance and life of the PEM water electrolyzer.

The accelerated development of renewable energy makes large-scale renewable energy consumption a major problem. Power-to-Gas (P2G) converts renewable energy power generation into hydrogen, which can improve the flexibility of the power system and is becoming an important direction for the development and application of renewable energy. PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production technology has the advantage of rapid start and stop, can match the volatility of renewable energy power generation, and gradually become the mainstream technology of P2G hydrogen production.

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