With the rise of healthy drinking water, hydrogen-rich water is sought after by consumers for its antioxidant benefits. Advances in PEM electrolysis hydrogen production technology have provided strong support for the large-scale production of hydrogen-rich water.

PEM electrolytic hydrogen production technology

PEM stands for proton exchange membrane, which is a solid polymer electrolysis technology. It uses a stable solid electrolyte membrane to separate hydrogen and oxygen, avoiding the liquid-gas separation of traditional lye electrolysis and greatly simplifying the operation. PEM hydrogen production unit has fast reaction speed, high electrolytic efficiency and no pollution, produce hydrogen with a purity of up to 99.99% and is very suitable for the production of hydrogen-rich water.

Compared with traditional lye electrolysis,PEM hydrogen production system has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, safety and reliability. PEM hydrogen production can directly obtain high-purity hydrogen without secondary purification, and can be directly used for hydrogen-rich water hydrogenation. The PEM hydrogen production system is small and modular, and can be designed with different capacities according to production requirements, which is easy to install and use on site.

PEM Hydrogen Generator VS Alkaline Hydrogen Generator
PEM Hydrogen Generator VS Alkaline Hydrogen Generator

PEM hydrogen production technology is applied to the production of hydrogen-rich water

PEM hydrogen production technology simplifies the production process of hydrogen-rich water, improves hydrogen dissolution efficiency, and can produce high-quality hydrogen-rich water in large quantities. It provides a clean and reliable source of hydrogen for hydrogen-rich water and will strongly promote the development of hydrogen-rich water industry. In the future,PEM hydrogen production units will play an increasing role in functional drinking water processing, making hydrogen-rich healthy drinking water more popular.

Health benefits of hydrogen-rich water

The reason why hydrogen-rich water is so popular is that hydrogen-rich water has many benefits for human health. The main functions of hydrogen-rich water include: anti-oxidation, improve immunity, reduce inflammation, protect nerve cells, anti-tumor, beauty, relieve mild dehydration and so on. As a selective antioxidant, hydrogen can effectively remove harmful free radicals in the body to achieve the purpose of antioxidant. At the same time, hydrogen can also activate the self-repair mechanism and enhance the compensatory ability of the body.

Hydrogen concentration of hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen concentration is measured in parts per million (ppm), and 1-2 ppm of highly dissolved hydrogen-rich water is most beneficial to human health. PEM hydrogen production technology precisely controls the concentration of hydrogen in hydrogen-rich water, producing nutritious, healthy drinking water that is beneficial to the human body. In the future, PEM’s hydrogen production technology will promote the sustainable development of the hydrogen-rich water industry and enable more people to enjoy the health benefits of hydrogen-rich water.

Hydrogen Rich Water
Hydrogen Rich Water

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