How To Build A Hydrogen Welding Torch

With this video you can make your own hydrogen welding torch at home.
The core of this system is the production of HHO gas (a mixture of hydrogen and hydrogen gas) by electrolysis of water and then igniting the HHO with a welding nozzle.
The size of the flame depends on the efficiency of the HHO gas production. And the efficiency of HHO gas production depends on the amount of current. Hydrogen gas burns faster and diffuses more rapidly than conventional acetylene.
Current : 50A
Voltage : 12V
Rate : 2L/min
Catalysts : KOH(We recommend the use of KOH, and we have tested that NAOH is more likely to corrode stainless steel plates.)
Transformers : It is recommended to use transformers with constant voltage and current. This is because when the temperature rises, the current also increases. This can easily overheat and cause damage to the stainless steel plate.
In principle, 3 stainless steel plates can also produce 2 L/min of hydrogen. But the lifetime is very short and the temperature is very high. Our proposed solution is (The diameter of the area involved in the reaction is 103mm).
1. Rate: 600 ml/min 15A, 12V, 3 plates
2. Rate: 1L/min 25A 12V, 6 plates
3. Rate: 2L/min 51A 12V, 9 plate, as well as a heat sink and a more advanced rubber ring. If you have any doubts, you can tell us in the comments. We will do our best to answer them for you. Feel free to subscribe to our channel and like our videos.
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