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SZFC-500 SZFC-1000 SZFC-1500 SZFC-2000

Small Size
Easy to Install
High Efficiency
Very Light
Fast Start-up Time
Short Response Time
It Can Also Be Used For Drones.
4000H/10000H Work Life

PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Detail
PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Detail

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

This hydrogen fuel cell is specially equipped for small and medium power output power systems, including UAV, portable power supplies, and portable micro backup power supplies.It has the characteristics of light weight and high specific power. Multiple groups can be expanded in series and parallel through special electronic control modules to meet the power requirements of different levels of customers. It is easy to replace or integrate with customers’ existing power systems, and it is convenient and flexible to use.

Light weight, small size, easy to carry; Quiet design; Simple structure, high reliability; Fast start-up speed, short response time, suitable for various application environments; Good environmental adaptability, adapt to various weather changes; Simple control strategy, easy to use Integrate into various application systems.

How is hydrogen produced.

The current mainstream hydrogen production methods are to use PEM electrolyzers or alkaline electrolyzers to produce hydrogen.But the two production technologies will be different, we prefer to use PEM electrolyzers.PEM VS Alkaline Electrolyzers You can choose the right hydrogen generator for you by checking this article.

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