Hydrogen Generator Kit For Truck


Improve fuel economy 10%-18%
Improve car power 15%-20%
Reduce exhaust emissions 50%
PEM hydrogen generator
Low power operation
Not corrosive
HHO gas helps remove carbon deposits
Customized high-precision microcomputer control for each Car

Truck Kit Includes

  • PEM Hydrogen Generator
  • Microcomputer
  • Transformer Module
  • Water Gas Separator
  • Water Tank
  • Resin
  • Water Pump
  • Connecting cables
  • All kit integrated in the box
HHO Truck kit
HHO Truck kit
hydrogen generator for truck
hydrogen generator for truck

Full fuel combustion

After adding hydrogen, the fuel can be fully burned. Improve fuel economy and remove carbon deposits.

Improved truck fuel conomy 17%
Improved truck fuel conomy 17%

Improved fuel conomy 10%-18%

After our real test, SENZA hydrogen truck kit can improve the fuel economy of trucks by 10%-18%. This saves businesses and truck drivers a lot of money.

Improved horsepower

After our testing with professional instruments, using the truck kit can boost the horsepower of your vehicle. This improves the driving experience.

Improved truck horsepower
Improved truck horsepower
PEM hho generator
PEM hho generator

Use PEM hydrogen generator

We use PEM hydrogen generator, only need to add pure water. It does not need to add KOH or NAOH like the alkaline hydrogen generator, which will generate corrosive gas and corrode the engine. And PEM electrolyzers work more efficiently than alkaline electrolyzers.PEM electrolyzer VS Alkaline electrolyzer

R&D Team

The SENZA R & D team consists of senior automotive engineers, hydrogen energy technology experts, and technology installation engineers. It has 8 years of experience in hydrogen energy research and development and application.
Michael Wu, chief technical engineer, graduated from Sun Yat -sen University in transportation engineering. He has been engaged in engine R & D tests at Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Car Technology Center and GAC Research Institute, and is responsible for the engine R & D test project of the entire car series. Since the graduate period, Michael has been studying the characteristics of the addition of hydrogen in fuel engines. Deliven the application of hydrogen energy to fuel vehicles. Therefore, it plays a role in saving fuel consumption, increasing power, and reducing exhaust emissions.