In this article we will analyse the hydrogen truck kit in terms of fuel economy and performance , all based on real data from our tests. You can click on the corresponding section to quickly find the information you want.

Fuel Economy


SENZA hydrogen truck kit
SENZA hydrogen truck kit

How does a hydrogen truck kit improve fuel efficiency for truck?

Whether it is a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, under normal driving conditions, the engine will be in a state of multi-fuel injection for a long time. Fuel consumption will inevitably increase because the fuel combustion efficiency will decrease due to the shorter fuel burning time. The most fundamental reason is that the flame propagation speed of fuel oil is relatively slow. It is difficult to fully burn all the fuel in a very short combustion time, and part of the unburned fuel will be discharged with the exhaust gas, resulting in reduced fuel economy and increased exhaust emissions.
The flame propagation speed of hydrogen is 8 times that of gasoline. The flame of hydrogen can ignite all the gasoline injected into the engine in a very short time, and support the combustion of gasoline, which can improve the combustion efficiency of the engine. As a result, fuel economy is improved.
We did a test with a real engine. You can watch the following video, and you can intuitively see the combustion comparison between adding hydrogen and not adding hydrogen.

How much better fuel economy can be improved after installing a hydrogen truck kit

According to our actual tests on trucks of different brands, models, and years, there will be a 10%-18% increase in fuel economy.The truck is a FAW JieFang heavy-duty semi-trailer with a displacement of 11.05 liters and 460 horsepower. We conduct a same distance, same section, same driver,150KM driving test.

Firts test

We don’t install anything. Let the truck run 150.9KM
Average MPG : 33.5L/100KM
Consumption : 50.9L
Mileage : 150.9KM

truck first test
truck first test

Second test

We installed the senza hydrogen truck kit. and then ran the truck for the same distance.
Average MPG : 27.8L/100KM
Consumption : 42.0L
Mileage : 150.6KM

second test
second test

Test results

Average MPG :

First : 33.5L/100KM
Second : 27.8L/100KM

Consumption :

First : 50.9L
Second : 42L

Fuel economy improved by 17.1%
After our many tests, we found that the trucks using the hydrogen truck kit can improve the fuel economy by 10%-18%.

Hydrogen truck kit being installed
Hydrogen truck kit being installed

How does the performance of a truck change after installing a hydrogen truck kit?

Improve fuel combustion efficiency 10-18%

Improving truck power 15%

Truck shifts made smoother

The improvement of the above three performances is due to the improvement of fuel combustion efficiency. Hydrogen solves the problem of underburning fuel in trucks at low operating conditions.For more detailed experimental details check out this article: HHO car kit test

Pilot Testing Of HHO Car Kit Fuel Economy And Power
Pilot Testing Of HHO Car Kit Fuel Economy And Power

Environmental Protection

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