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Improve fuel economy 15%-20%
Improve car power 20%-25%
Reduce exhaust emissions 50%
PEM hydrogen generator
Low power operation
Not corrosive
HHO gas helps remove carbon deposits
Customized high-precision microcomputer control for each Car

Hydrogen Generator For Car
Hydrogen Generator For Car

Product Includes

  • PEM Hydrogen Generator
  • Microcomputer
  • Transformer Module
  • Water Gas Separator
  • Water Tank
  • Resin
  • Water Pump
  • Connecting cables
hydrogen generator for car
hydrogen generator for car

If you add hydrogen in car

Improve Car Power

The product perfectly solves the problem that the original vehicle cannot speed up, and the engine performance can be improved by more than 25%.We used the testing machine to do an experiment about Hydrogen generator for car. In order to verify his fuel economy and impact on car power.

Saving fuel consumption

It can achieve full fuel combustion, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 15%.

Saving fuel consumption
Saving fuel consumption

Shifting smooth

It can eliminate the gear shifts and setbacks, allowing the driver to enjoy a superior driving experience.

Safe and reliable

Nondestructive addition, pure water hydrogen production, Pacific Insurance coverage.

Removing the carbon deposits

It can deeply remove the carbon deposits, thus saving the maintenance costs.

cleaning the carbon
cleaning the carbon

Reducing the emission of tail gas

Protect the earth, effectively reduce the exhaust harmful substances.

Efficient hydrogen production technology

PEM proton exchange membrane hydrolysis technology for hydrogen production.

pem electrolyzer
pem electrolyzer

Hydrogen Generator For Car Working Principle

Fuel consumption is maximized under low torque engine conditions up to 3000 RPM. Cars use much more fuel when they are on city roads because they start too often. At this stage, gasoline combustion is insufficient, engine response is delayed, and power is lacking.
Hydrogen is 12 times more diffuse than gasoline, and flames travel eight times faster. If the right amount of hydrogen is introduced into the intake of the engine, it makes a great contribution to the complete combustion of the fuel injected into the engine in a very short combustion time.
If the right amount of hydrogen is introduced at this stage, efficient and complete combustion of fuel can be promoted in a short period of time to improve the efficiency of fuel combustion, thus the above problems can be solved.

Please click here for detailed instructions:How SENZA Hydrogen Kit For Car Work

Achieve Full Fuel Combustion
Achieve Full Fuel Combustion

The Difference Between Hydrogen Generator

The product can realize the function of pure water electrolysis to produce hydrogen, and eliminate any additives and chemical reagents, the only consumption is pure water. The hydrogen enters with the air from the engine intake without any modifications to the car system.

Conventional Hydrogen And Oxygen Generator

It needs to be electrolyzed in strong acid/alkali conditions, with strong corrosion, large volume, heavy weight, large power consumption (13V 30A), large amount of hydrogen production, easy deflation and other shortcomings.

PEM Hydrogen Production Unit

It has PEM technology, electrolytic pure water, no corrosion, small volume, light weight, small power consumption (3.8V 15A), trace hydrogen, ready to use, safe and reliable advantages.
For a more detailed comparison, check out this blog.PEM Hydrogen Electrolyzer VS Alkaline Hydrogen Electrolyzer

PEM Generator VS Alkaline Generator
PEM Generator VS Alkaline Generator

SENZA Microcomputer For Car

An appropriate amount of hydrogen and air are introduced into the engine to assist combustion, and the high-precision computer background algorithm is matched. After the hydrogen amount is combined with the driving habits of the driver, the optimal timing of fuel injection ignition and transmission shift is identified, so that the fuel combustion efficiency of the engine can be maximized, so as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction at the same time let fuel cars have the effect of electric car driving experience.

It’s the heart of the product. It can optimize the engine ignition advance angle and transmission shift time according to the driver’s driving habits and hydrogen volume, so that the engine and the transmission seamless, maximize the engine’s gasoline efficiency. The product adopts 7 nanometer chip imported from the United States, which has the advantages of high precision, good performance, low energy consumption and fast speed.

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  1. John Soultanias says:

    Customer service is amazing, lots of options and answers to all my questions. Paid quickly using Google pay and received the package 5 days later, wow, I mean from China to Canada in 5 days? Just amazing. I checked the product and it seams as described. Also Tweety is amazing. Thank you. Will be installing kit ones I get some time.

  2. soluciones-refaccion says:

    Better than I imagined, excellent presentation quality 100% recommended.

  3. Ok so I’m driving home and I realize the car is good it’s smooth and I don’t know how to explain but it has more torque when I first accelerate and it’s also very smooth while accelerating driving to 100km is very nice.
    Now I have to see how the gas is used. Thank you!