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As many car enthusiasts can relate, fuel expenses make up a significant portion of a vehicle’s daily running costs. Living in Australia, I have witnessed the global trend of rising fuel prices, with the average price per liter increasing from $0.86 in 2020 to $1.29 in 2022 – a 50% jump. Consequently, I sought an effective fuel-saving solution to reduce my expenditure on fuel. During my online research, I came across articles about onboard hydrogen generators and their potential to lower fuel consumption. After comparing several products, I finally decided to try the SENZA PEM hydrogen generator for car. Having used it for six months, I am satisfied with its fuel-saving performance and would like to share my experience with fellow car enthusiasts. In this article, I will discuss the product’s performance, safety, and effectiveness using my 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser with a 4.5L twin-turbo diesel V8 engine as an example. I will also compare it with other market competitors to help readers better understand the product and provide a reference for car owners looking to improve fuel efficiency.


The SENZA PEM hydrogen generator car kit is a well-known automotive modification product that claims to increase fuel efficiency by 15%-20% and enhance vehicle performance by 25% without causing any damage to the car. The main components of the product include a PEM electrolysis cell, a transformer, a water container, a water vapor separator, a water pump, and a microcomputer. It is compatible with all vehicles equipped with an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port. The device works by connecting the microcomputer to the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) system, which controls the amount of hydrogen supplied. The PEM electrolysis cell electrolyzes purified water, and the generated hydrogen gas is transferred to the engine combustion chamber through the water vapor separator. This hydrogen-gasoline mixture improves combustion efficiency, resulting in fuel savings. The following image illustrates the product’s working principle for reference.

working principle
working principle

Upon receiving the product, I was impressed by its packaging design. The manufacturer had designed a special gift box for the product, which made it look premium and demonstrated attention to detail. Below is a picture of the packaging I received.

unboxing PEM hydrogen generator for car
Unboxing PEM hydrogen generator for car


After installing the product, I noticed a significant improvement in vehicle performance over six months. The acceleration was smoother, and power response was faster compared to before installation. To evaluate the fuel-saving aspect, I conducted three different driving tests using my 2010 Toyota 4.5L V8 pickup truck. The test results were as follows:

1.With a trailer attached, fuel consumption decreased from 11.05 L/h to 8.5 L/h;

first test

2.Fuel consumption for a 100 km trip back home with the trailer was 7.2 L;

second test

3.On the highway without towing anything and maintaining a speed of 110 km/h for two hours, average fuel consumption was 5.3 L/h.


These results demonstrate the product’s effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption. With a 23% reduction in fuel consumption while towing, the product lived up to its claims and met my expectations.

Other HHO car kit

Some may argue that alkaline hydrogen generating devices for car can also achieve similar results at a lower cost, with some even claiming to reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%. I researched this as well and found that although these devices are cheaper, they require potassium hydroxide (KOH) as a catalyst. The hydrogen gas generated contains alkaline solution, which is corrosive. If the alkaline solution enters the engine with the hydrogen gas, it will inevitably damage the engine’s internal structure. Additionally, these devices have a relatively shorter lifespan and require regular internal maintenance.


The SENZA PEM hydrogen generator car kit only needs purified or distilled water. The hydrogen gas produced has a purity of 99.99%, is non-corrosive, and will not damage any vehicle systems. Moreover, it comes equipped with a microcomputer that can be connected to the car’s OBD port. The microcomputer optimizes fuel injection timing, ignition timing, and transmission shift timing based on the amount of hydrogen gas produced. This ensures complete fuel combustion, reducing fuel consumption and increasing engine power and torque.

In summary, the SENZA PEM hydrogen generator car kit does help reduce fuel consumption, enhance driving experience, and make vehicles more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. The product can be installed in a distributed manner, effectively overcoming spatial limitations. It does not require any modifications to the engine system during installation, and only needs purified or distilled water to operate, unlike traditional alkaline hydrogen-generating devices that require the addition of sodium hydroxide as a catalyst, which can cause corrosion to the engine and other vehicle systems. The product is also competitively priced, making it a good value for money.


Of course, the product does have some limitations, mainly in two aspects:

  1. Installation limitations: This product can only be installed in vehicles with an OBD port.
  2. Working temperature limitations: Since water freezes below 0°C (32°F), electrolysis cannot occur, and the device will stop producing hydrogen when the engine’s internal temperature is below freezing. In such cases, only the microcomputer will be working, providing some fuel-saving effect. However, the device is equipped with a temperature sensor, and when the engine’s internal temperature reaches a point where the frozen water can fully melt, the device will automatically resume operation.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance of the SENZA PEM hydrogen generator car kit. It not only enhances my driving experience but also makes my vehicle more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Although the price is slightly higher, considering the long-term fuel-saving effects, I believe it is a worthwhile investment. If you also want to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, enhance your driving experience, and contribute to environmental protection, I highly recommend the SENZA PEM hydrogen generator for car.