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alkaline hydrogen generator
alkaline hydrogen generator

Alkaline Hydrogen Generator

This product has the advantages of high gas production, easy maintenance and good heat dissipation. Electrolyzed water generates hydrogen + oxygen, and hydrogen oxygen ignites to generate water. There is no trace of pollution in this process.

Material : 316L stainless steel

Catalyst : KOH

Rate : Depend on Current.But as the temperature gets higher, the current will get higher and higher. When the number of stainless steel plate is too small, the current will damage the stainless steel plate quickly.We recommend the use of a current-limited transformer.Contact us for the most professional solutions.

Alkaline electrolyzers are the most commonly used, mature, and economical electrolyzers, and are easy to operate. They are currently widely used, but the disadvantage is that they have the lowest efficiency.

The alkaline electrolytic cell is mainly composed of a power supply, an electrolytic cell box, an electrolyte, a cathode and an anode. The two electrodes are mainly composed of metal alloys.Electrolysis of hydrogen gas.

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