PEM Generator VS Alkaline Generator

PEM Hydrogen Generator VS Alkaline Hydrogen Generator

PEM Hydrogen Generator VS Alkaline Hydrogen Generator
PEM Hydrogen Generator VS Alkaline Hydrogen Generator


PEM : All PEM hydrogen Generator needs is pure water

Alkaline : It needs a strong base catalyst like KOH or NAOH


PEM : Not corrosive

Alkaline : Corrosive gas will be attached in the application process

PS : Due to corrosiveness, Alkaline Electrolyzer cannot be used in certain scenarios, such as hydrogen inhalation machine, hydrogen car kit, can cause harm to your body or car

Work Life

PEM : 10000h+

Alkaline : Depends on your usage and material and voltage.20h-5000h.


PEM : Titanium alloy and ruthenium oxide   or    Titanium alloy and iridium oxide. PS : iridium oxide is the best, but it’s more expensive.

Alkaline : Commonly used are 304ss,316Lss or Cu-Ni alloy. PS : 304ss is the worst material.The pros and cons of 316Lss and Cu-Ni alloy depend on how they are used.In fact, there is a better material, but the price is too expensive and will not be introduced for the time being. If you are interested, you can send us an email.

Current Densities

PEM : 1.5-3A/cm2

Alkaline : 0.2-0.4A/cm2

Hydrogen purity

PEM : 99.9995% .The impurities are mainly water vapor

Alkaline : 99.98%. Impurities are mainly corrosive gases and water vapor


PEM : Small PEM equipment requires little maintenance.Just add pure water

Alkaline : Due to chemical corrosion and damage to equipment and components, maintenance costs are high and maintenance time is long.Electrolyte to be drained during system component repairs.


PEM : Using precious metal catalysts, high cost

Alkaline : No precious metal catalyst, low cost

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