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The purpose of adding hydrogen to fuel vehicles

The purpose of adding hydrogen to fuel vehicles is to improve fuel combustion efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. Adding an appropriate amount of hydrogen at a suitable ratio can make the mixture easier to ignite and burn completely, thereby improving energy efficiency. Adding hydrogen to the internal combustion engine of a fuel vehicle for assisted combustion mainly takes advantage of hydrogen’s fast combustion speed and flame propagation speed,which helps gasoline or diesel burn more thoroughly.An appropriate amount of hydrogen can increase the combustion speed and thermal efficiency in the engine combustion chamber, and increasing the engine’s power output.

How much hydrogen does your car need

The amount of hydrogen should be determined according to the actual condition of the automobile engine. The control of the hydrogen amount should be determined according to the actual needs of the engine, rather than a “the more the better” . Adding excessive hydrogen may actually reduce engine efficiency,injecting too much hydrogen into a fuel vehicle may cause irreversible damage to the engine, or even pose safety hazards.

For maximum benefit, consider dynamically adjusting the amount of hydrogen added according to the real-time state of the engine and road conditions. At the same time, choosing the right hydrogen injection site is also very important. For different types of engines, we have matched the corresponding products for you, the following is our technical parameter table:

hydrogen generator for truck
hydrogen generator for truck

Economic analysis

Adding excessive hydrogen not only wastes resources, but may also reduce engine efficiency. It is necessary to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of adding a hydrogen system and measure its effect of improving engine performance. Only with reasonably assisted addition can economic and efficient goals be achieved.

In summary, adding an appropriate amount of hydrogen to fuel vehicles can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, but it does not mean the more hydrogen, the more obvious the fuel saving effect.

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