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HHO Car Kit Is Not A Scam

Why most people think hho car kit is a scam

Effect of hydroxy (HHO) gas addition on performance and exhaust emissions in compression ignition engines

Basically, on YouTube and most of the products on the market, an alkaline hydrogen generator is used to electrolysis Brown gas(HHO) that produces hydrogen and oxygen. The decomposer using stainless steel needs to use 12V 15~20A electricity for electrolysis, which will consume 200W of power to generate hydrogen. This is a big burden on the generator, and the hydrogen produced by the KOH-incorporated decomposer is also corrosive to the engine. And most of them don’t use a microcomputer to tune the ECU.

Engine Fuel Economy Analysis

Engine Fuel Economy Analysis
Engine Fuel Economy Analysis

 It can be seen from the engine fuel consumption diagram that the fuel consumption is the lowest in the interval of 2000rpm and 60NM, that is, the fuel economy of this interval is the best, and the combustion efficiency of the engine is the highest. In the area of 1000rpm~2000rpm and 10NM~30NM, the fuel consumption is the highest, that is, the fuel economy is the worst, and the combustion efficiency of the engine is the lowest. The fundamental reason is that the flame propagation speed of gasoline is relatively slow, resulting in insufficient combustion of gasoline during the engine speed-up process, so an area with low combustion efficiency is formed, and the car is driving in urban areas, most of the time in this working condition, So the fuel consumption is also higher.

If hydrogen is mixed into the engine, the flame spread of hydrogen is 8 times faster than that of gasoline. The flame of hydrogen can ignite all the gasoline injected into the engine in a very short period of time, and support the combustion of the gasoline, which can improve the combustion efficiency of the engine.
Regarding the source of hydrogen, it is obtained by electrolyzing water.

Questions about the laws of thermodynamics for HHO Car Kit

In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China, some technology companies have developed a PEM pure water hydrogen generator for use in cars. This PEM hydrogen generator only needs 3.5V 10~15A electricity, and the power is 40W, which is equal to the power of a light bulb in the car, and can produce 300ml /min of hydrogen and oxygen, there is no additional burden on the generator, plus the microchip program to correct the engine parameters, adjust the ignition timing and shift timing, can improve the fuel combustion efficiency of the engine under low working conditions, sacrificing about It is worthwhile to use 40w of energy to increase the combustion efficiency of the engine from about 10% to a combustion rate of 20%-40% at low operating conditions. This can also increase the fuel saving rate by 15% and the power increase by 20%. Only pure water is added, and no chemical reagents are required. There is nothing wrong with the conservation of energy. However, after adding hydrogen, the combustion efficiency will also change, and the energy generated at this time is different from the energy when no hydrogen is added.

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