Do HHO Generator Car Kit Really Work?

Engine Fuel Economy Analysis
Engine Fuel Economy Analysis

Fuel consumption is maximized under low torque engine conditions up to 3000 RPM. Cars use much more fuel when they are on city roads because they start too often. At this stage, gasoline combustion is insufficient, engine response is delayed, and power is lacking.(Extended reading: The relationship between the displacement, horsepower, power and torque of a car)

If the right amount of hydrogen is introduced at this stage, efficient and complete combustion of fuel can be promoted in a short period of time to improve the efficiency of fuel combustion, thus the above problems can be solved.

For gasoline engine and Diesel engine, the ideal air-fuel ratio is difficult to achieve, because the working conditions are always changing, so the hydrogen is used to improve the fuel combustion efficiency.

Hydrogen is 12 times more diffuse than gasoline, and flames travel eight times faster. If the right amount of hydrogen is introduced into the intake of the engine, it makes a great contribution to the complete combustion of the fuel injected into the engine in a very short combustion time.

It can not only effectively solve the problem of low fuel combustion efficiency when the car starts and accelerates, improve the fuel combustion efficiency, but also reduce the harmful exhaust emissions.

High-precision computer background algorithms have been used in the SENZA on-board hydrogen equipment. According to the high-precision computer control data, it can accurately read the injection time, ignition time and shift time of the engine, and can control the ignition of trace hydrogen in the engine power at the most accurate time, so as to fully burn the fuel in the engine as much as possible. It can use the lowest power to produce hydrogen, can make the engine thermal efficiency to get the biggest improvement, so as to save fuel consumption, improve the starting power and reduce the role of tail gas emissions.

Effect of hydroxy (HHO) gas addition on performance and exhaust emissions in compression ignition engines

The method of the immediate hydrogen production and immediate use has been adopted, which can achieve no storage, no modification of the engine’s original vehicle system to ensure that the product does not cause any harm to the vehicle and personnel. Water is the source of hydrogen, and clean hydrogen and oxygen can be obtained by electrolysis of pure water.

The product can realize the function of pure water electrolysis to produce hydrogen, and eliminate any additives and chemical reagents, the only consumption is pure water. The hydrogen enters with the air from the engine intake without any modifications to the vehicle system.

An appropriate amount of hydrogen and air are introduced into the engine to assist combustion, and the high-precision computer background algorithm is matched. After the hydrogen amount is combined with the driving habits of the driver, the optimal timing of fuel injection ignition and transmission shift is identified, so that the fuel combustion efficiency of the engine can be maximized, so as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction at the same time let fuel cars have the effect of electric car driving experience.

At present, there are three main ways to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water: alkaline hydrolysation, solid oxide hydrolysation and PEM proton exchange membrane hydrolysation.

Conventional hydrogen and oxygen generator

It needs to be electrolyzed in strong acid/alkali conditions, with strong corrosion, large volume, heavy weight, large power consumption (13V 30A), large amount of hydrogen production, easy deflation and other shortcomings.

PEM Hydrogen Generator

It has PEM technology, electrolytic pure water, no corrosion, small volume, light weight, small power consumption (3.8V 15A), trace hydrogen, ready to use, safe and reliable advantages.

PEM proton exchange membrane hydrolysation technology has been used in SENZA vehicle-mounted hydrogen energy equipment. The hydrogen ions in the water pass through the proton exchange membrane and combine with electrons to form hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen atoms combine with each other to form hydrogen molecules, which enables the PEM water cell to operate at high current density. It has the advantages of small size, high efficiency and purity of hydrogen up to 99.99%, which is considered as the most promising hydroelectricity solution technology.

Solid oxide hydrolysation technology

Solid oxide hydrolysation technology has been unable to be applied and popularized because of its high working temperature, which limits the selection, sealing and operation control of electrolysis materials.

Actual Test Results

Saver reduced fuel Consumption more than 15%.

Saving fuel consumption
Saving fuel consumption

With this hho generator kit in the car, you can get 15% fuel save and 20% power increase.

With this kit in the vehicle, The amount of hydrogen production is fixed, according to the change of the engine intake air amount, we have the microchip to adjust the ECU data like fuel injection timing and spark timing, this make the hydrogen most efficient.

This kit generate the water into hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen is very helpful to make the fuel burn completely in the engine, so it can save fuel and increase the engine power.

We don’t use catalyst, we use PEM technology, so we use distilled water only, no chemical catalyst.Most of the HHO car kits on the market now use NaOH or KOH as a catalyst,and that is corrosive to the engine.And their efficiency is very low.What is pem and how is it different from traditional electrolyzers.

What we do is to inject the hydrogen into the air intake with the air, to make fuel burn completely, so it can make 15% fuel save and 20% power increase on the vehicle.

But other manufactures said that can make fuel savings 25% and increase power to 35%.

You can buy it and test it , so you can find if it really work. That is impossible to make 25% fuel save, i just telling the truth, sir.There is a limit to the improved performance. The 15% fuel saving and 25% power improvement are close to the limit. If you want to improve the performance, the price is too high and it is not worth it.

No the price exceeds a lot to the selling there here in my country, ONE like that me ofreces me what sold in 480 usd.

The hydrogen kit need a microchip to adjust the ECU data, only with that the hydrogen can work efficiently. So our kit is constitute by the generator and the microchip.

Do the kit that 480 usd also have the microchip?

A lot of videos at YouTube show that is useless for the hho only on the vehicle, because when adding hydrogen to the engine, the ECU need to be adjusted, but most of the sellers on the internet do not have the microchip to adjust the ECU, so the price of their kit is lower.

We don’t use catalyst, we use PEM technology, so we use distilled water only, no chemical catalyst.

Our kit always be good working, because of the PEM generator and the microchip program. I am just telling the truth, sir.

I just know that the power taken from alternator normally doesn’t make the set up efficient, so was looking at a mix of your parts and mine.

Our kits using the 3.5V and 13A electric power taken from alternator, less than 50W, so it will not increase the alternator’s load line. the hydrogen will make the fuel burn completely, and we also have the microchip program to control the engine parameter. So it can make 15% fuel save and 20% power increase.

The kit from other manufacturers is using 12V and 15A electric power, and have no microchip program, so it will increase the alternator’s load line.

Is it possible to inject hydrogen into the combustion chamber instead of the air intake system.

If inject hydrogen into the combustion chamber, it will be dangerous to the engine. We inject the hydrogen into the air intake, and have the microchip program to adjust the ECU data, that will be more effective.

How can I get this  HHO generator car kit?

Contact us and tell us the information of your car. Like: 2015 BMW X5 gas 3.0 turbo V6. We will custom the HHO generator car kit and microchip program for you.

HHO Generator Car Kit

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